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Microbiota and immune defenses

Choosing to strengthen your immune system is very important because it helps your physical ability to resist the flu. Microbiota plays

Firmicutes and Bacteroidetes!

The words “bacteria and microbiota” are commonly found in the scientific literature and recently have been in the highlight thanks to many studies showing the

Microbiota and acne

In my Naturopathic practice, I often receive parents who are at a loss facing the acne problems of their teenage kids. Skin that shines, oily,

Antibiotics yes or no?

The observation In winter, we get sick more often than in the summer time. It's cold, it's snowing or worse it's raining and

Acidity, an enemy to your health!

Do you know that lacto-fermented foods like sauerkraut or kefir or even microbiotics are beneficial to fight the excessive acidity we sometimes have in our body? The

Product facts: why so many different strains?

Vivomixx contains a specific combination of 8 strains of bacteria Streptococcus thermophilus DSM 24731® / NCIMB 30438 Bifidobacterium breve DSM 24732® / NCIMB 30441 Bifidobacterium longum DSM

Product facts: patients’ testimonials

Bloating and irregular transit started to affect my everyday life. After 10 days of using Vivomixx, my digestive comfort improved and things gradually returned to normal. M.C.

Vivomixx® 450 billion

The highest concentration for an optimal initial colonization, a powder to mix in a glass of water.

Vivomixx® 112 billion

The right choice if you prefer the capsule format, and easy to take with a sip of water when you are not at

Summer nutrition

In summer, daylight hours are greatly increased. Hydrate your body Sleep quality is sometimes affected by heat and hydration may not be optimal. To maintain a good balance,

The future of probiotics

One may ask: what is the future of probiotics, probiotics is an umbrella word and under this umbrella there are many, many preparations. Of all these

Origins of Vivomixx, the pioneer

30 years ago I started an adventure into the research of bacteria, and at that time, there were very few other people interested in the subject.No

JFHOD 2017

Journées Francophones d’Hépato-gastroentérologie et d’Oncologie Digestive Les JFHOD, Journées Francophones d’Hépato-gastroentérologie et d’Oncologie Digestive, sont le congrès francophone de référence des maladies et cancers de l’appareil digestif et

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