Which strains are in Vivomixx®?


Streptococcus thermophilus NCIMB 30438 3 bifidobactéries : B. breve NCIMB 30441, B. longum NCIMB 30435*, B. infantis NCIMB 30436* 4 lactobacilles : L. acidophilus NCIMB 30442, L. plantarum NCIMB 30437, L. paracasei NCIMB 30439, L.

Which strains are in Vivomixx®?2024-04-09T14:54:12+02:00

What if I take antibiotics?


Vivomixx® can be taken even if you have other concurrent treatments but it is best to take it far apart from antibiotics.

What if I take antibiotics?2017-03-28T17:17:01+02:00

Are there any side effects?


Bloating has been reported but this is a transient phenomenon due to the adaptation of your flora to the new bacteria.

Are there any side effects?2017-03-28T17:16:44+02:00

How do I take Vivomixx®?


Vivomixx® is easy to take. Open the sachet and mix it into any cold, non-carbonated drink. Or mix it with food, like yogurt or apple sauce and take immediately. The capsule can be taken with

How do I take Vivomixx®?2021-11-03T17:33:37+01:00
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