The De Simone Formulation

A member of the American College of Gastroenterology, Claudio De Simone is a retired Professor of Infectious Diseases of the University of L’Aquila (Italy), specialized in Gastroenterology, Allergology and Clinical Immunology. His interest in the human microbiota goes back more than 25 years when the understanding of the importance of the role of the intestinal flora was in its infancy.

The De Simone Formulation is a high potency microbiotic mix containing live bacteria. The key strains in the De Simone Formulation are proprietary, as are the manufacturing processes and the precise ratios of strains.

Vivomixx, which contains the De Simone Formulation, is made in Europe under Prof. De Simone’s strict control.

Key Attributes of the De Simone Formulation

  • Cultured from proprietary Master Cell Banks
  • Eight strains cocktail in specific strain ratios
  • Encompasses secret methods of manufacturing and processing

A Message from the Inventor

Dear Reader,

It has been many years since I invented the De Simone Formulation microbiotic blend. At that time, the understanding of and appreciation for the importance of the vast microbial community that live within each of us was in its infancy. Today, the clinical significance of the “microbiome” is front and center to a massive array of medical research around the world.

Over these past years, I have had the privilege of working with some of the most preeminent scientific experts in the fields of inflammatory bowel disease, liver disease, irritable bowel syndrome, gynecology and oncology.

As a medical doctor, my commitment is to patients in need and, thus, it gives me great pleasure to see my product helping so many people manage their chronic conditions.

I am pleased to announce that my formulation is available from Mendes S.A. under the trademark Vivomixx. I decided to work with Mendes because of their commitment to product quality and consistency.

Professor Claudio De Simone

Where can I purchase De Simone Formulation in the USA?

For the USA, the Exegi Pharma company is in charge of the distribution of De Simone Formulation.

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Where can I purchase De Simone Formulation in Europe?

In Europe, Mendes SA company is in charge of the distribution of De Simone Formulation.

Contact Mendes SA