Vivomixx® 10 billion


For a personalized concentration, Vivomixx microcapsules When the intestinal flora is stabilized, Vivomixx Micro is ideal to maintain this balance. Easy to carry, the special hi-tech vial allows storage at room temperature.

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Vivomixx® 112 billion


For long-term well-being, Vivomixx capsules To go through winter smoothly or for those who prefer the capsules to the sachet presentation. Easy to carry, the capsules can stay up to 7 days out

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Vivomixx® 450 billion


In order to retrieve promptly your intestinal comfort, Vivomixx in sachet When your guts are playing tricks, the highly-concentrated formulation in sachet quickly and efficiently restores the balance of the intestinal flora

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Vivomixx® Microcaps 10 billion


Vivomixx Microcaps are packaged in special vials (CSP tubes) equipped with a molecular sieve that works as a desiccant keeping the product moisture-free. With this unique hi-tech bottle, every capsule delivers its full potency

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