Did you know that your bacteria can be the source of your mood, your wishes and even your health?

Be careful not to fall into the trap and stay away from too much sugar, synthetic sugars, processed fats and all kinds of additives… many studies have proven their deleterious actions on the intestinal flora and their negative impacts on long-term health.

Vice-versa, your down days are often a reflection of your intestinal “dysbiosis”. Your bacteria communicate with your mood through a specific bi-directional “pathway” called the gut-brain axis and can therefore modulate your mindset.

More and more studies show that many pathologies are directly linked to an unbalanced microbiota from stroke to diabetes, cancer or urinary tract infections, and this list is not exhaustive…

In short, the more balanced your bacteria are, the better your mood, your diet and your health will be.

Fortunately, there are easy means to “rebalance” with good bacteria and get back on track.  Lactofermented foods, dairy products and probiotics are there to help you. Give priority to the quality rather than quantity and check thoroughly the labels of the products you have selected to make wise choices. Food supplements should also be chosen with care, make sure you select products with studies conducted on humans as a priority for the safety and benefits you are looking for.

Feed your bacteria so they can help you have a more balanced diet and improve your mindset !

The advice presented here is in no way a medical procedure.