The new year, as well as the season shifting and especially in the summer, triggers strong motivation and incentives that help us to get out of the so terrible “comfort zone”, especially after this long period of confinement.

In addition to making dietary changes, that summer temperatures make easier, it will be a good idea to take part in sports activities. Of course, it is essential to reconsider our lifestyle in general, to modify daily routine and habits.

However, these “good resolutions” remain a difficult challenge to overcome and achieve to.

What if there was something else to take priority over these changes in order to maximize success: our bacteria?

Probably yes! Gut bacteria play a major role in communication with the brain through an axis called the gut-brain axis.

As a result, they have a direct impact on our mental well-being. Therefore, to help you make those good resolutions and feel better physically and psychologically, never ignore your microbiota.

An adapted lifestyle and a varied diet will help strengthen, maintain and diversify your intestinal bacteria and help you reach your goals. 😉

The advice presented here is in no way a medical procedure.