Staying in shape during this pandemic and home confinement is no easy task. Even if the more positive of us manage to stay motivated, most people experience a persistent feeling of tiredness. How can we fight it?

Here are some tips to go back on track and get in shape in five steps:

1 Practice meditation and get in touch with your true self

Mindfulness meditation is a mental training practice that teaches you to slow down racing thoughts and consists, for beginners, in dedicating a few minutes per day to calm both your mind and body. Sit on the floor with your hands resting on your knees, listen to relaxing music with closed eyes to let go of negativity. There are several free smartphone applications that offer great relaxing music and tips to learn meditation.

2 Feel good with healthy food

Eat fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables that contain essential vitamins and minerals for the body. Choose steam cooking to preserve the nutrients and vitamins contained in foods which help to boost mood thanks the serotonin release.

3 Go outside and take a walk or run in nature

Many people spend a lot of time at home or come back late from office, or simply they do not have green spaces nearby to enjoy the nature. Even if you are very busy, take at least 30 minutes a day and go out for a walk to reactivate your body. Starting with resolution and enthusiasm are a great way to boost motivation and feeling good.

4 Take a good probiotic

Probiotics are essential during this hard time. They improve the absorption of nutrients, give a boost to the immune system and promote a sense of well-being. In fact, today we know that the gut can support and influence our mood through the gut-brain axis. So why not benefit from it?

5 Maintain good social relationship

Connect with people face to face and not just on social media…give people your time, talk, share, live! Take time for a brief call with a friend, a nice chat with neighbors or the grocer…start conversation with new people around you and enjoy every moment in life.

Accept this challenging time and react!

As Voltaire said: “I have decided to be happy because it is good for my health”

The advice presented here is in no way a medical procedure.