During this dramatic period that we are going through, we must reinforce our selective approach of high quality products. Amateurism is not appropriate today … So let’s take the time to learn how to choose a “good” microbiotic.

Are microbiotics on sale always tested on humans before being placed on the market?

Tip number 1

No, unfortunately not! So, select a microbiotic that has real “clinical” studies, that is studies carried out on humans, with related scientific publications. You will be sure to take a product that has a safety of use and efficacy.

How many bacteria are still alive in the microbiotic supplement that you are going to ingest?

Tip number 2

Make sure that rigorous tests were made on the quality and quantity of bacteria still alive until the end of the use-by date, thus ensuring that the product is not altered in its packaging and that remains still effective after storage.

Does the concentration of bacteria contained in a microbiotic play a role in its effectiveness?

Tip number 3

Yes indeed, remember to check that the concentration of the microbiotic is sufficient to colonize your gut and have an effect on your flora. There are 1012 organisms/g in the intestine, so you really need to have a high concentration of good bacteria to fight against pathogenic bacteria and recolonize!

Are the bacteria of the microbiotic of your choice able to reproduce once ingested?

Tip number 4

Check that the bacteria of the probiotic that you buy are vital that is to say they will reproduce in your intestine in order to survive and colonize.

What about the number of strains and the combination of the selected strains?

Tip number 5

The number of strains is important and multi strains products are generally recognized more effective than single strains but also the synergy among the strains of bacteria is essential so that they can function together as a team, and studies again need to prove such synergy.

Vivomixx is:

  • 70 clinical studies including 35 carried out in Europe.
  • All Vivomixx bacteria are alive with a safety profile validated by 220 international publications
  • Vivomixx contains 450 billion live and active bacteria per sachet
  • Vivomixx bacteria are alive and vital
  • The 8 strains of Vivomixx were selected for their specific characteristics and ability to operate in synergy with common and synergistic biological and immunological properties.

I made my choice and you?

The advice presented here is in no way a medical procedure.