In my Naturopathic practice, I often receive parents who are at a loss facing the acne problems of their teenage kids. Skin that shines, oily, with a lot of pustules or pimples of all kinds: red inflammatory or white unsightly and not to mention the blackheads…
This skin that “complex” so much these growing adults, is a terrible period !!

But what are the origins of the changes of the skin: stress, fatigue or diet?

The teenage period is a tough time for our children who are growing up and of all these changes they undergo, skin is one of the main concerns being the most visible.

I made a list of priorities for fighting acne that I wanted to share with you:

  • I always suggest in the first place to use Jojoba oil for regular cleaning and moisturizing. This seboregulating and scentless oil will regulate the sebum production.
  • It is very interesting to add the use of Floral waters that are skin friendly and totally natural to complete this daily cleansing. Floral water is extracted during the essential oils preparation. Each flower will have its own benefits and will have to be adapted to the skin to be treated.
  • Do not forget to make Montmorillonite green clay masks as absorbent as adsorbent, I also like sea muds which also contain a lot of minerals.
  • By small touches and directly on the spots, to disinfect and heal more easily, Tea tree essential oil is ideal but be careful to avoid contact with the eyes.
  • Taking a high potency probiotic food supplement is essential for a lasting healthy skin balance. As at the intestinal level we will use the term “skin dysbiosis” when bacteria cause imbalance and inflammation to the skin. The cutaneous microbiota is composed of all the bacteria on the skin surface. It is in the form of a hydrolipidic film constantly renewed and acts as a true natural barrier. It limits the risks due to bad bacteria and fights against the aggressions of the environment (wind, sun, cold …) which can also weaken its equilibrium.

And it is also for this reason that the daily cleaning does not have to be too strong, it is not necessary to “destroy” the balance in place but to wash ourselves while respecting it. And so, give the necessary boost with beneficial bacteria to restore it!

Of course, it will be important to explain to teens that a regular and restful sleep plays a key role on their general health.

And some reminders about Food hygiene rules with emphasis on the two favorite foods of teenagers namely milk and sugar.

It is important to avoid dairy products containing, among other things, a pregnancy hormone produced by cows and favoring acne and also to limit sugar intake: sodas, sweets, white bread, cakes … which, incidentally, cause in the blood a glycemic peak (principle of so-called fast sugars) and inducing an increase in the insulin level causing the oily skin.

The skin is the largest organ of our body, we must take care of it so that it can stay beautiful and healthy. Take advantage of these easy priorities to improve your teenagers ‘skin!