The observation

In winter, we get sick more often than in the summer time.

It’s cold, it’s snowing or worse it’s raining and the mere fact of crossing the threshold of your front door becomes a torture, so going out for a jog or going to the gym becomes almost impossible.

Obviously, our lifestyle is altered and if we add to that the winter diet with less fruit so less vitamins, on top of that some celebrations with hearty meals, family meetings or with friends, with kisses and hugs as a bonus.

In short, here is the recipe that microbes just love and so in winter like many people… we fall ill!

The question

Should we take antibiotics or not?

Since 2002 we have been told that « Antibiotics are not automatic » or in 2017 « Antibiotics aren’t always the answer » (1)

It is important to understand that antibiotics cannot be taken lightly because they deeply cleanse our body. They destroy pathogenic bacteria but also the good ones. As the microbiota composition is impaired and weakened, the metabolism as a whole is destabilized and will have long-term repercussions on the immune system, among others.

The reasonable behavior to adopt is of course to avoid taking antibiotics as much as possible, for example in viral infections such as the flu, colds, fever against which they are useless.

We have to avoid the systematic consumption of antibiotics which leads to the development of resistant bacteria against which treatments will soon have no effect and to stop this ongoing escalation: a stronger antibiotic and taken for a longer period of time to successfully dislodge the ever more resistant bacteria.

The good habit

If the antibiotic treatment is necessary, then after this thorough cleansing of your gut, it is essential to restore the balance of the intestinal flora, to give your microbiota the opportunity to rebuild the good bacteria and this can be done with a good microbiotic product.

Good bacteria will put your gut back on track, why don’t forget to take them!!