2018 has arrived and who says new year says good resolutions.
This renewal brings us to positive things and it is a good motivation to rely on.
There are many good intentions to follow at the beginning of the year such as for example stopping smoking, consuming less alcohol and of course practicing some sport.

And what about sports?

No one can deny the benefits it provides helping us regain energy, lose weight or boost our immunity. This is no longer an impression but a proven reality.

A recent study carried out in humans reveals that the bacteria of our microbiota genetically adapt to our modern lifestyle. During physical activity, a real change takes place in the intestinal bacteria. The microbiota of the athlete is stimulating by the physical activity, some genes will get activates while others will remain inactive, resulting in a modified, more active and healthier metabolic activity.

This study confirms that sports, beyond food, has an impact on the microbiota, that there is a link between physical activity and intestinal bacteria.

And if the athlete has a healthier and more balanced microbiota, the impact on the metabolism is real and appreciable!