Choosing a product of any type is always more effective when you know the subject and when it comes to a health product, you have to be careful and buy the “right” product. Here is an essential list to make your choice for a quality microbiotics

Did you know that many microbiotics for sale in France are not tested on humans before being placed on the market?

Tip number 1

Select a microbiotic that has human clinical studies with related scientific publications. You will be sure to take a product that has a safety of use.

Do you know how many bacteria are still alive in the capsule or the sachet of microbiotic that you are going to swallow?

Tip number 2

Make sure that tests were made on quality and quantity of bacteria still alive up until the Best if used by date, thus ensuring that the product is not altered in its packaging and remains effective after storage and transport.

Do you know that the total concentration of bacteria in a microbiotic product plays a role in its effectiveness?

Tip number 3

Remember to check if the concentration of the microbiotic product is sufficient to allow an action on your health and ensure the survival of bacteria in your gut. There are 1012 organisms/g in the intestine, so you really need a good number of bacteria to fight against pathogenic bacteria and to recolonize!

Do you think that the bacteria contained in the microbiotic of your choice manage to reproduce once ingested?

Tip number 4

Check that the bacteria of the microbiotic are vital, that is to say they will reproduce in your intestine.

Do you know that mixing different strains does not mean it has higher effectiveness?

Tip number 5

The synergy among strains of bacteria is paramount so that they can work together and not compete or destroy each other.

Vivomixx presents:

  • 60 clinical studies in humans, 35 of them conducted in Europe.
  • Vivomixx has a high safety profile and has been the subject of over 200 international publications
  • The guaranteed concentration is 450 billion live bacteriaper sachet at the expiry date
  • The bacteria present in Vivomixx are alive and vital
  • The 8 strains of Vivomixx were selected for their specific biological and immunological properties and ability to operate in synergy

I made my choice and you?