Do you know that lacto-fermented foods like sauerkraut or kefir or even microbiotics are beneficial to fight the excessive acidity we sometimes have in our body?

The acid-base balance, as it is called, plays a key role in our health. In case of prolonged acidity, the body draws on its stock of minerals to restore the balance, triggering in the long term, tiredness, various inflammations and demineralization which can lead to osteoporosis.

But what are the reasons for an acid-base imbalance?

An inadequate diet, too much stress, a sedentary lifestyle or, on the contrary, too intensive sports activity, a lack of sleep or a lack of oxygenation are all causes that could disrupt this delicate balance. But it is relatively simple to restore this balance by modifying a few habits.

5 tips to bring back your acid-base balance:

1 Keep the acidity away from your diet

Diet is the key to acid-base balance. Choose fresh fruit and vegetables, as they are naturally rich in potassium. Take a reasonable share of legumes and do not eat too much animal proteins and dairy products. Banish salt (sodium chloride has a strong acidifying power), processed and sweetened foods, sodas and colas.

2 Balance your intestinal flora

Prefer lacto-fermented foods and use if necessary a high quality microbiotic.

3 Protect your liver

Limit tobacco and alcohol consumption, limit the intake of certain drugs (anti-inflammatory drugs for example) that strongly stimulate the liver and bring acidity.

4 Avoid stress

Chronic stress also promotes acidity. Take time to breathe deeply to release tension, practice relaxing activities.

5 Move !

If an intensive sport activity is harmful to the acid-base balance, a moderate physical activity is beneficial for stress management and helps pulmonary ventilation necessary to remove acidic charge.