Schools have re-opened and next morning you wake up and it’s cold outside: autumn has indeed arrived.

You just want to stay in bed under a soft and warm blanket, or in slippers by the fireside with a thyme infusion with honey and a relaxing book?

That would be wonderful but often there is a different prospect for you in this season: runny nose, headache, sneezing, coughing fits, a box of tissues, in short: the common cold …

This beautiful cocooning picture is spoiled …

But how to know if it is an allergy or a common cold you need to get rid of?

Cold and flu are not the only culprits, sometimes it can also be allergies, especially since the symptoms are very similar: watery eyes, sneezing, runny nose, scratchy throat, itching eyes and nose.

It all depends on how long it lasts: the symptoms of allergy last as long as you remain exposed to the allergen, while a cold lasts a few days or at most a week.

How to get through the season in perfect health?

Obviously, the first advice is to stop smoking or keep away from cigarette smoke. Cigarettes irritate and damage the nose membranes, the trachea and the lungs.

Wash your hands very often to avoid putting germs in your mouth, rinse your nose to get rid of the dirt trapped there. This cleansing will instantly improve your breathing and clean the mucous membranes from possible viruses.

Do not forget to take microbiotics they will help boost your immune system which has been weakened by this tough September month just gone by! Most of our immune system is situated in our gut.

The beneficial bacteria contained in the microbiotics will help your body better defend itself against the bad ones and be a good support for better health.

Prevention is the best ally, so let’s get prepared to face the winter !