Bloating and irregular transit started to affect my everyday life. After 10 days of using Vivomixx, my digestive comfort improved and things gradually returned to normal.

Our son was suffering from abdominal pain that was disruptive. In order to combat the intestinal problems that he had, I decided to give him Vivomixx which proved to increase his quality of life. He was more peaceful and more responsive to the environment.
D.E., Parent

I suffer from occasional disturbances of the transit which had an impact on my performance. I heard that digestive disorders were very common amongst athletes and my sports doctor advised me to take microbiotics. I saw results soon after taking Vivomixx and also noticed that I had better resistance to seasonal conditions which was a bonus!
R.T., Sportsperson

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Recognized for its safety and effectiveness, Prof De Simone’s formulation under the trademark Vivomixx is distributed in many countries around the world.