Vivomixx® 10 billion

For a personalized concentration, Vivomixx microcapsules.

When the intestinal flora is stabilized, Vivomixx Micro is ideal to maintain this balance. Easy to carry, the special hi-tech vial allows storage at room temperature.

Vivomixx Micro is packaged in special vials (CSP tubes) equipped with a molecular sieve that works as a desiccant keeping the product moisture-free. With this unique hi-tech bottle, every capsule delivers its full potency at all stages.

Refrigerated conditions are always recommended for other Vivomixx formulations, but, due to this special vial, Vivomixx Micro can be kept out of fridge without any impact on the quality of the product. However, the product should not be exposed to temperatures exceeding 25 °C.

In some markets, Vivomixx Micro is available in mini-jars with a desiccant bag to keep the contents moisture free.

Nutritional information

per capsule
Energy value 0,31Kcal
Energy value 1,31 kJ
Fat 0 g
– of which saturated 0 g
Carbohydrates 0,05 g
– of which sugars 0 g
Proteins 0,01 g
Salt 0 g






Other products

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