In summer, daylight hours are greatly increased.

Hydrate your body

Sleep quality is sometimes affected by heat and hydration may not be optimal.
To maintain a good balance, it is important to drink regularly.
Indeed, during high heat periods, sweat can make you lose up to several liters of liquid per hour.
Dehydration can cause migraine and digestive discomfort.
It is recommended to drink water at room temperature, in small sips, starting from the moment you get up and regularly throughout the day.
Depending on where you live and the water quality, it will be necessary to consume mineral or bottled spring water instead of tap water.

Eat fresh coloured food

It will be preferable to eat fresh and seasonal food, but do not to increase too abruptly your consumption of high-fiber foods such as melon, peaches, cherries, which are rich in fodmap, i.e. rich in fermentable sugars, that could cause digestive problems.
When the weather is hot it is sometimes difficult to eat enough proteins.
Add hard-boiled eggs to your salad for example or poultry that contains less fat and is easier to digest.
Think also of seafood like oysters, source of iodine, or shrimps that are delicious in a salad.