The “healthy” vaginal flora contains various species of bacteria, the majority of which being lactobacilli. Their function is to maintain the balance and therefore to fight against possible pathogenic microorganisms.
An imbalance can occur due to antibiotics, uncontrolled diabetes or even during pregnancy. Summer in particular is a season favourable to the alterations of this flora.
Let’s see what is in our daily routine during the summer: in my previous article I told you that holidays at the beach are very important but we must prepare them in order to enjoy them without surprises!

  • During the summer, the wet swimsuit that you keep on for too long or even wet sports outfit will make bacteria very happy as they just love humid environment
  • Sitting in the sand: it contains microscopic parasites such as bacteria, funghi, viruses which can be the source of various transmissions: gastro enteritis, mycoses, urinary infections …

What can we do to fight this?

It is recommended not to lie directly on the sand but on a towel, to avoid leaving young children naked on the sand, not to put sand in your mouth and to have thorough personal hygiene as soon as you are back home, to wear cotton underwear, to avoid tight pants… but all this may not be enough.

The good news is that there is another natural and effective solution that can help in your fight against vaginal infections: microbiotics

Why microbiotics?

Microbiotics are beneficial bacteria that will colonize the intestine, restore and improve its proper functioning. Their principal mode of action is simple: they will stick to the intestinal wall and form a protecting barrier against pathogenic bacteria (“bad bacteria”) or other toxic substances. These beneficial bacteria are always stronger in large quantities so that they can more easily fight pathogenic bacteria…

It is obvious that with a weakened immune system the risk is increased of developing repeated vaginal infections. The second important action of the microbiotics will be to improve your body functions. This will boost your immune system and your body will be at the top with reduced risks of infections.

Microbiotics are useful for restoring a balanced vaginal flora.

To enjoy a great summer “sea, sex and sun”, remember your microbiotics 😉