Here are some healthy tips easy to implement

The smoothie break!

Add healthy colors to your smoothies!!
With fresh fruit or vegetables that have snaturally grown under the sun and are full of vitamins …… just take your pick
Pink smoothie: strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and coconuts
Take all the benefits of red fruit that are rich in antioxidants and prevent skin aging.
Or the green smoothie: avocado, cucumber, kiwi, apple, lime
The avocado is an appetite suppressant and also rich in vitamin K, it helps reduce the bad cholesterol through its monounsaturated fatty acids

Spend time in the water

The water softly envelops us and refreshes us during the summer but its main action is the drainage: by massage, it helps us eliminate the accumulated toxins due to the stress and the everyday life abuses
Share moments with your family by the water’ or by a small pool, playing with the family is a wonderful way to bond or to be in harmony

Do not forget to protect your eyes

Wear sunglasses that block the entire range of ultraviolet A and B rays, choose the brand according to these criteria
In addition to this, sunglasses can help prevent cataracts and wrinkles around the eyes.

Take time to sleep well

Resist the urge to stay up too late on summer days. Keeping a healthy lifestyle is essential to optimize your return to work afterwards. The secret is to keep the same sleeping and awakening time
Resting during the holidays is essential. Relaxation helps to lower blood pressure, heart rate and stress hormones such as cortisol!
I wish you happy holidays!