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Vivomixx sachets et capsules

Vivomixx 450 billion in sachets Vivomixx 112 billion in capsule form

What is the De Simone Formulation?


A High Potency Microbiotic for well-being at all ages

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8 strains, 450 billion live bacteria

Vivomixx® is a high potency microbiotic food supplement, containing 8 strains of live bacteria in concentrations of 450 billion bacteria per sachet and 112 billion per capsule.
Vivomixx® helps restore the balance of the intestinal flora.

Vivomixx® contains the De Simone Formulation, a specific mix of bacteria created by Professor Claudio De Simone, who is now collaborating with Mendes S.A. to distribute his product in Europe.

Vivomixx® is non-GMO and gluten free.

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